BG Nation Membership FAQ

 For the standard store FAQ, Click here.

 What is a Silver Tier Membership?

Silver membership is the paid subscription tier of the membership and includes the annual BG Nation t-shirt plus exclusive access to private merchandise (any items with the “BG Nation” tag on them are Silver Tier only) You’ll get the most perks with this tier so purchase your Silver Membership here today.


What is a Bronze Tier Membership?

Bronze membership is the free option and gives you access to the App, among other perks. You can Register for a Free Bronze Account on the Brantley Gilbert App or right here.


Can I sign up for the free Membership and purchase the 2020 exclusive tee separately? No, the 2020 exclusive BG Nation t-shirt is only available for BG Nation Silver members. 


I have a paid subscription through the iphone or android App – How do I get my t-shirt?

One week after you purchase, you will receive an email from us with directions on how to get your t-shirt. If you don’t receive your email after 1 week of subscribing, please email us at


I'm a Silver Tier Subscriber and I’m trying to buy a BG Nation-Only merchandise item but when I enter my login it takes me back to the home page of the store. How do I buy?

Try waiting a minute, then try purchasing one more time. If that doesn’t work, check for your email for an email from BG Nation and be sure the email address you are using to login is the same one BG Nation emails you on. If you still aren’t able to get in – try resetting your password the next time you try to login. If you still can’t get in, email us at


I just added a BG Nation-Only merchandise item and a non-BG Nation item to my cart, but it won’t let me check out without logging in. Is something wrong?  Nope! You will be prompted to log into your account whenever you try to buy a BG Nation-only item. If you can't remember your login information see above.


I am a Silver Member and I purchased my membership on the iPhone/Android App but it won’t let me log in to check out on this shop. Please clear your cache and refresh the page. Also confirm that you’re trying to check out with a BG Nation Only product which requires you to first log into your BG Nation account. If the issue persists, please reach out to with your username, Full Name and any other information about how you paid for your BG Nation subscription and we will look into it. 


How do I get a refund for a subscription I bought on this page? All subscription sales are non-refundable once your credit card has processed. You can cancel your subscription by going into your account’s Membership Portal (linked in your welcome email) but you will still receive your t-shirt and have access to all the perks and exclusive offers for the full year.  



Where’s my BG NATION t-shirt code?

The Silver-level membership of BG NATION includes an exclusive BG NATION t-shirt. Within 10 business days of joining BG NATION Silver you will be sent an e-mail that includes a unique t-shirt redemption code and instructions to redeem your t-shirt. Please note your code is only good for 60 days so redeem your t-shirt immediately so you don’t forget! If you do not receive your e-mail within 10 business days, please check your spam or junk folder. If you still do not see it, please e-mail to ask for a new code.

Note: Use your code to apply a $25 USD discount on the t-shirt at checkout, $5 shipping not included.


We hope to automate this process in the near future so that you’ll receive your t-shirt redemption code as soon as you join the silver fan club but appreciate your patience in the meantime.



When do I get my fan club t-shirt?

Once you’ve received your t-shirt redemption code and redeemed the code by visiting, your t-shirt will be shipped to the address provided when you redeemed your code. If you haven’t received your t-shirt within 2 weeks of redeeming your code, please e-mail to inquire about shipping.




How can I meet Brantley?

 Silver level members of BG NATION may enter to win exclusive Meet & Greets at select BG shows. Meet & Greets typically open around 2 weeks before the show date and will be announced in the BG NATION app. Be sure to enable your push notifications so you don’t miss an announcement for your chance to win.


How do Meet & Greets work?

 Two weeks prior to a tour date, we will open registration for BG NATION Meet & Greets to Silver members. You will sign up using the link posted in the Vault of the BG NATION app to register. The first 10 Silver members to enter will win Meet & Greet passes for themselves and a guest (2 passes total). Within 2 days of Meet & Greet entry, winners will be notified via e-mail how and where to pick up their passes. You must purchase tickets to performance separately; show tickets are NOT included with Meet & Greet passes.

Note: Silver members who share the Meet & Greet registration link with non-Silver members of the BG NATION or people outside of BG NATION will be promptly removed from the fan club without a membership refund.


What if I don’t win a Meet & Greet?

Keep trying and keep an eye on the Vault for more Meet & Greet announcements. Better luck next time!


Where can I find my meet & greet photos?

Meet & greet photos will be posted at as soon as we receive them from the photographer, typically within 2 weeks after the Meet & Greet. You can also access this URL from


I keep missing notifications from the App about pre-sales, etc. Help!

Make sure you have push notifications for the BG NATION App enabled on your phone. Once these are enabled, you will see messages pop up on your phone screen so that you don’t miss anything. Directions below.

On iPhone:

1) Go to Settings > Notifications

2) Select Brantly Gilbert App under Notification Style.

3) Make sure “Allow Notifications” is turned on.

4) Choose a type of alert and banner style.

Note: You can also turn sounds and badges on or off.


On Android:

1) Go to Settings > Notifications

2) Select Brantley Gilbert App (if you don’t see the app listed, choose “See All”)

3) Make sure notifications for Brantley Gilbert App are turned on. If they aren’t turned on, turn on and choose desired settings.



I purchased on the App – how can I check my membership status/ Expiration Date?

In the Community Section of the BG Nation App, tap on your Profile Photo to activate the My Account menu. From that menu, tap Subscription Status.


I purchased on this store – how can I check my membership status/ Expiration Date?

Log into this site then you can check your account status in your membership portal.



How can I update my Username, Email Address or Password?

Log into and select your Username from the top right corner to activate the My Account menu.  From that menu select Edit Account.